Month: June 2023

Induction Heat TreatmentInduction Heat Treatment

Induction heat treatment uses electromagnetic induction to precisely target a particular area of metal to be hardened. It’s a quick process with cycle times that are often less than a minute. Induction also offers less distortion than some other heat treating processes, especially when only the targeted area is heated.

What is heat treatment process types?

The workpiece is placed in the center of an alternating magnetic field where it experiences resistance to eddy currents, which create Joule heating. This leads to the phase transformation of the metal into martensite, causing the material to become harder. The workpiece is then quenched to temper the brittle martensite into tougher tempered martensite, allowing it to have more ductility and strength.

Depending on the frequency of the alternating current, deeper or shallower heating into the workpiece can be achieved. Lower frequencies produce Joule heating at a greater depth, while higher frequencies only reach to the surface of the workpiece. This is why many treaters use a range of frequencies to optimize the hardening of a variety of materials and workpiece shapes.

Induction is particularly useful for the field heat treatment of ferro-magnetic materials, including iron and its alloys. This is due to the fact that induction can be used to directly heat an item without having to move it into a furnace chamber. This allows for much faster processing times and tighter control over the heat-treating of a part.

Massaging Pressure Points on FeetMassaging Pressure Points on Feet

pressure points on feet

Massaging these pressure points can help reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis. This is due to the release of endorphins and the stimulation of larger nerve fibers that block pain perception. In addition, massaging these pressure points can help to relax the muscles that support your feet and may also reduce swelling and bruising.

Reflexology is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that involves stimulating the 15 pressure points (called acupoints) on the foot. These acupoints are believed to be directly connected to every part of the body. Read more

While there is limited scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of foot reflexology, many people report finding relief from pain and stress by applying pressure to these acupoints. However, it may take some trial and error to find the best foot pressure point for relief.

Sole Soothing: Exploring the Most Effective Pressure Points on the Feet for Stress Relief

1) Bigger Rushing (Lv 3): To access this pressure point, place your index finger in the webbing between the big and second toes. Push firmly until you feel an indentation. This pressure point is also called Hegu and it relieves back and neck pain, sinus headaches, fatigue and irritability.

2) Three Mile Foot (St 36): Located four thumb widths below the lower edge of your kneecap, this pressure point is known as Hegu. Press firmly with your thumb and index finger, or the knuckle of your middle finger, until you feel a slight bulge in the muscle between these fingers. This point is effective for lumbar pain, headache, eye diseases and high blood pressure.

White Rock DispensaryWhite Rock Dispensary

In the heart of white rock dispensary | GetGreen on Marine Drive lies a new cannabis store that just opened its doors. 420 TeaTime is a retail, edible lounge and tea shop that serves both recreational and medical marijuana. The business is located in the former Giraffe Restaurant space at 15053 Marine Drive. The new dispensary is permitted under the City’s zoning bylaw to sell cannabis and accessories only in the commercial Town Centre area.

What are the laws for weed in Vancouver?

The store will have a variety of herbal and flowering marijuana strains for consumers to choose from, as well as other cannabis-related products like accessories and vape pens. Customers will be able to order and purchase marijuana and other products on-line, or at the store front for pickup or delivery. The shop will also serve a menu of strength teas, espresso and coffee, as well as a selection of breads, brownies, chex-mix and honey. 420 TeaTime will offer local delivery within a 15-mile radius (radius may expand over time).

Buying cannabis online has never been easier. XpressGrass makes it easy for White Rock residents to buy high-quality marijuana products online. Our site features a wide variety of marijuana strains and related products, including edibles, oils, and concentrates. In addition, we provide helpful information about the cannabis industry and current legislation.

If you are looking to buy marijuana in White Rock, be sure to check out our reviews of the top weed delivery services. These companies will have your marijuana at your door in under an hour!

9News – The Latest in Korean News9News – The Latest in Korean News

Korean News is the collection page of all breaking Korean News headlines from major urban centres including Seoul, Busan, Incheon & Daegu. Get top Korea News stories on politics, Moon Jae-in & Kim Jun Un talks, economy, accidents, natural disasters, military news and more. 9News draws upon our team of highly experienced journalists and producers, delivering you the latest in Korean News faster than anyone else.

Who is No 1 in Instagram Korea?

In the late 1980s, a series of events led to a loosening of press restraints in South Korea. The Basic Press Act was repealed, newspapers expanded their provincial coverage and recommenced the practice of stationing reporters in rural areas, and television companies that had been under government control were allowed to resume independent broadcasting. Go here :

Journalists organized trade unions at several of the Seoul papers and began to pressure for editorial autonomy. Observers noted a dramatic increase in the number of articles dealing with previously taboo subjects, such as political-military relations and factions within the military. Public opinion polls that addressed controversial issues also appeared with greater frequency.

In addition to the four largest general dailies, there were a number of specialized daily publications. The conservative Chosun Ilbo, Dong-A Ilbo and Joongang Ilbo had a combined circulation of over 6.5 million; the moderate Hankook Ilbo and Kyunghyang Shinmun each had about 1.5 million readers; and The Hankyoreh and the pro-Kyunghyang Maeil Business Newspaper had readerships of around 450,000. There was also a small number of English-language newspapers, including the government-subsidized Korea Herald and the independent Soul immune.

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