Sest India Uncategorized A Helicopter Delivery Service Will Fly Over Coachella For You

A Helicopter Delivery Service Will Fly Over Coachella For You

Helicopter service company BLADE is changing the way people think about private jet ownership. Will Heyburn, CEO of BLADE, explains how Netflix sparked his idea to expand drone deliveries beyond the traditional airport into private jets. Specifically, he was talking about a scheme whereby private-jet owners could connect their drones to a massive fleet of planes for personal, non-business rides. As such, that would open up the market for personal use of the planes which aren’t always in useable for business purposes such as cargo simply due to an existing all-aircraft service such as this require pilots.

Helicopter Services to Consider

Eventually, in the future, you may be able to hail a helicopter service company such as BLADE, and they will then go out and fly over your property in the coachella valley and deliver whatever it is you want delivered to you. Right now, you have to call someone to come out and drive the coachella valley to get it. Not only is this very time-consuming but also very expensive as well. The company says that in the future, you might be able to simply fly out to the ranch or house of someone you want to meet and then that person can get on the drone and fly you out to where you want to be and then possibly deliver a meal, show you the beach, whatever. In addition, the service could possibly be offered to anyone wanting to tour the area or just enjoy the beautiful valley.

If you think that this is only the beginning of drone deliveries, you are dead wrong. Other areas in the country have used this technology as well. Many areas such as the Santa Barbara airport have already begun utilizing the technology on a regular basis. So, it appears as though the future looks bright for all those who are interested in aerial views and delivering things instantly from remote locations. You can learn more about this type of service by visiting the website below.

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