Sest India Arts Lightroom Presets For Street Photography

Lightroom Presets For Street Photography

Whether you’re a seasoned street photographer or just starting out on social media, the right filter can add that extra spark to your photos. This collection of Lightroom presets is perfect for creating a unique look for your street photography. From bright and vibrant to dark and moody, this set has something for everyone.

How to do street style photography?

This set of free Lightroom presets is a great way to improve your photography and create a professional base for your images. These filters are easy to use and compatible with all versions of Lightroom. This set includes nineteen presets, including a number of black-and-white options that work well with street photos. Some of these presets make your photos look more vintage, while others add a modern pop of color. Link :

Some of these presets are geared toward making your photos look like film, such as the VN09 preset. This preset gives your images a soft, vintage flavor without adding too much contrast. Another good choice is the Spectra preset, which recreates the look of Polaroid Spectra film. The preset enhances greens and yellows, while reducing blue tones. It also reduces the saturation of your shadows and highlights to create a more dramatic image.

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