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Melbourne Criminal Law Firms

If you’ve been arrested on criminal charges, you should get an experienced defense lawyer to help mitigate your case and prevent severe penalties. They will do this through extensive in-depth conversations, analysis of case details, and application of comprehensive legal knowledge to work towards a favorable outcome for your situation. Depending on your circumstance, the defence attorney may even be able to help you file for bail.

Who is the highest paid lawyer?

Its principal lawyers are accredited as criminal law specialists and have extensive experience in the field of criminal prosecution and defence. Their expertise covers a wide range of matters including criminal assault, criminal property offences, drug trafficking and possession, homicide, sexual offences, and traffic offences. They’re also adept at handling child protection and domestic violence cases. Source

They are available 24/7 for advice and can provide representation in courts such as the children’s court, court of appeals, County court, high court, and Supreme Court of Victoria. They also offer services for bail applications and intervention orders.

You should also consider the solicitor’s fees and payments. You’ll want a solicitor who is efficient in communicating with you and clearly sets out their fees. They should also provide a flexible payment scheme that’s suitable for your financial needs. For example, some firms offer a no win, no fee policy or pro bono services.

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