Microblading Toronto

microblading toronto

Eyebrow tattoo toronto is a semi-permanent method of tattooing that allows clients to achieve perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows without the need for daily care. The procedure is performed using a manual pen that is equipped with sterile blades. The blades are glided over the skin to make small, fine strokes that hardly distinguish from real hair.

Micro-Pigmentation is a great option for anyone who has thinning or sparse eyebrows or needs help filling in gaps caused by medical conditions or cancer treatments. It is also a great way to correct over-plucked, undefined or uneven brows.

The History of Microblading and How it Evolved in Toronto

Having strong, well-defined eyebrows can make a huge difference in a person’s overall appearance and confidence level. They can also help frame the face and give a more put-together look.

A good microblading artist Toronto understands their client’s wishes and knows how to change the shape of the eyebrows based on them. They should be able to answer all the questions that customers have about this process and show them the pigments that they use.

They should be able to explain the healing process and ensure that their customers understand that it is very important to follow the recommended post-treatment care instructions to get the best results from microblading. It is also important to avoid picking at the scabbing skin since this could reopen the tiny cuts and prolong the healing time.

The effect of microblading can last anywhere between 18 and 30 months depending on your skin type, how you care for your brows, and whether you have a touch-up done every six months or year. The scabbing and crusting will begin to fade after the first few months, but we recommend visiting us for a touch-up session no earlier than 6-8 weeks from your initial procedure to ensure that your brows are healing properly and getting their best possible look.

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