Sest India Uncategorized Schmidt and Bender PMII 10×42

Schmidt and Bender PMII 10×42

schmidt and bender pmii 10x42

Schmidt and bender pmii 10×42

The first section of the film follows the plot, as Bender tries to kill a werewolf, while Schmidt and Alex watch in horror. After the werewolf attacks, they go to find a giant statue of a girl that protects the city, while Alex is bitten by a lycanthrope. Shortly thereafter, the two are taken to an island where there is a werewolf-proof cage, but the two manage to break out. In order to get more information about the whereabouts of the evil genius, the pair go to the laboratory of Dr. Isaac’s wife, where they learn that the reason for the attacks on humans has something to do with her mind.


When they return to the island, they find that the doctor’s wife has transformed into a violent woman who wants to take control of the island. She threatens to kill Alex unless he gives her the key to the clinic, but Alex manages to escape. While she is gone, lo que suddenly appears and kills the evil witch. As he deals with the changes occurring in his body, lo que also transforms into a monster but is stopped by the arrival of a giant turtle named Miguel who is the caretaker of the islands. In the end, the three friends defeat the creature and save the humans of the town.


Finally, the third part of the movie follows the adventures of Alex and lo que as they travel to the Cidade de la Mira in Brazil, where they meet and fall in love. Eventually, the two become partners and help each other find answers to their problems. In the end, they discover that the evil mastermind behind the attacks on humans, hiding in a hidden laboratory, has a daughter called Sonia. In the end, the couple reunites with their new found love and go on a trip around the world together.

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