Sest India Health Specialist Disability Accommodation – Making the Most of Your NDIS

Specialist Disability Accommodation – Making the Most of Your NDIS

As a specialist disability accommodation in Sydney of independence, specialist disability accommodation Sydney can help to create a more inclusive society. That’s because it is a great way to reduce reliance on government support, as people with disabilities will be able to live independently and contribute in their own way. The NDIS’s primary goal is to empower Participants of the Scheme with decision-making over their individual supports. This includes the choice of their own accommodation. The NDIS defines ‘Specialist Disability Accommodation’ (SDA) as purpose-built dwellings that comply with strict NDIS standards for accessible and functional design. This includes a range of features, such as ramps, wider doorways and assistive technology.

Exploring Specialist Disability Accommodation in Sydney

Investor appetite for SDA has boosted the pipeline of apartment-style high physical support dwellings to a three-year high, outstripping demand, according to research by Housing Hub. However, recent changes to the way SDA subsidies are paid has begun to even up the supply-demand imbalance.

This means that if you want to explore your options for SDA, you’re probably going to have to wait. But, don’t lose hope. There are things you can do to improve your chances of getting what you want, including determining your needs, researching your options, and seeking an internal SDA review. In this article, we speak to SDA Services’ Principal Consultant and Founder, Greg Barry, and SDA Review Consultant Ben Pimley about how you can make the most of your NDIS SDA plan and the opportunities that it can offer.

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