Veterinary Services

Veterinarian in Charleston SC Services helps protect and improve the health, quality, and marketability of our nation’s animals (including various wildlife), animal products, and veterinary biologics.

VS is organized into the VS Deputy Administrator’s Office and strategically focused business units. These areas include Field Operations, Strategy and Policy, and Diagnostics and Biologics.

Veterinarians work with a wide range of animal species from family pets to farm livestock and zoo animals. They diagnose and treat animal health problems and perform research to help keep animals healthy.

From Puppies to Seniors: Understanding the Unique Needs of Your Pet at Every Life Stage

They also help to control zoonotic disease, which is the disease that passes from non-human animals to humans, such as Lyme disease and West Nile virus. They contribute to human public health by controlling brucellosis, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people.

Many veterinarians work as medical researchers, conducting research to find new ways to prevent and treat disease, including developing antimicrobial and anticancer drugs, vaccines for infectious diseases such as rabies and malaria, and surgical techniques to replace organs or limbs. They also collaborate with epidemiologists and other health or natural scientists to help monitor zoonotic disease, maintain food supply through livestock monitoring and treatment, and help improve human health by keeping companion pets healthy.

Veterinary Services also provides emergency veterinary care for both public and private animals. Procedures must be in place to ensure that reports of unexpected deaths, unusual injuries, or concerns about the health and well-being of animals are received in a timely manner and that they are triaged so that the most urgent cases receive immediate attention.

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