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Washington DC Weed Dispensary

When it comes to buying weed, DC weed dispensary no shortage of options in Washington DC. From gummies and spliffs to flowers and concentrates, locals have a lot of choices. But the District still doesn’t have a fully functional recreational marijuana market, thanks to Congress. In fact, the District’s weed industry is currently operating under a loophole in federal law, courtesy of Representative Andy Harris, who included a rider in this year’s congressional spending deal that blocks DC from taxing and regulating weed.

It’s a strange twist of fate for a city that gained autonomy in 1973 when the Home Rule Act passed, but whose laws are still subject to congressional oversight. Congress, in turn, blocked efforts to legalize the sale of cannabis in the city until 2013. But even now, it’s still illegal to sell or buy recreational marijuana. That is, unless you’re a medical marijuana patient.

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Medical patients are allowed to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and can “gift” it to another patient or caregiver. But, since marijuana is still illegal for anyone to smoke in public – including private spaces like homes, apartments, and condos — many DC residents are driving out of state or visiting from other countries in order to purchase cannabis. In these cases, they’re shopping at i71 gift shops, also known as “gift shops” (hence the name). These shops operate under the state’s medical marijuana regulations and allow out-of-state visitors to purchase weed and edibles by presenting a government-issued medical marijuana card along with their valid 21+ ID.

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