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What Exactly is Livestock?


Livestock can be defined as domestic animals raised on a large farm to produce commodities such as milk, eggs, meat, fur, feathers, and wool. Livestock can be categorized as living creatures like cattle, equines, sheep, hogs, pigs, chickens, and poultry. The term “Livestock” itself can refer to any of these animals, but is usually used to refer to the entire group. Livestock are usually fed by humans, with some varieties being fed by animal dung and the remainder being fed entirely on a diet of alfalfa, grain, soy, hay, or sugar. Some breeds have been shown to have increased fertility rates as a result of better nutrition and medical care.

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All livestock have a basic need for shelter, food, water, and exercise; however, Livestock differ from other animals in that they have specific needs depending on the species. Among the breeds known to have high needs are the bison, the American bison, the mountain bison, cattle, and buffalo. Buffalo were domesticated around 11th century BC, and are considered to be one of the oldest types of livestock ever domesticated by man.


Historically, early man would use Livestock as their mode of transportation, carrying supplies and building settlements. As technology and modern living progressed, however, Livestock began to play a smaller role in society, as they became more popular as hunting and companion animals. Modern day domestic animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, and other non Livestock animals, can also be seen as providing a valuable service to society. In fact, a wide variety of animals are used for various purposes across many different industries and occupations.

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