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Where to Buy a Vintage Land Rover

vintage landrover

Vintage landrover  are one of the most iconic 4x4s in history. They are loved by adventurers and classic car enthusiasts alike for their spartan interiors, sturdy construction and boxy design.

Vintage Land Rovers are a great investment for any collector! They can be purchased at any classic car dealership.

Series I and II models were produced from 1948 through 1972. These models are considered to be classic British cars.

The first Land Rover was developed after World War II to meet the demand for a car that would perform both on and off the road. Its performance was rated as better than the family saloon cars of the time, and it was capable off-road as well.

The Best Vintage Land Rovers: A Comprehensive Guide

In the 1970s, the company released a Series III model which featured a number of changes including headlights that were moved away from the grille out to the front fenders. It also included upgraded dials and switches as well as a six-cylinder engine.

Today, a lot of people are looking to get a good deal on vintage landrover, whether they want to restore it or buy a new one. We have gathered a list of some of the best places to find one.

Cool & Vintage

Over the last seven years, Lisbon-based restoration company Cool & Vintage has created an aesthetic for their tastefully modified classic Land Rovers that is instantly recognisable among its cult following around the world. Ricardo Pessoa has built a business that carries out 10 world-class Land Rover restorations a year for clients worldwide.

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